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Magnetic Rota-Ball Light w/ Remote - Set of 2

The Magnetic Rota-Ball Lights are some of the most useful lights around! You can mount these, then angle the light in any direction that you need it to go due to the powerful magnets in both the light and the base.

I have many lights and flashlights, this rota ball light ranks at the top as my fav. - Edward Rivera, NJ
The Magnetic Rota-Ball Lights are some of the most useful lights around! You can mount these, then angle the light in any direction that you need it to go due to the powerful magnets in both the light and the base.

You can also remove the light from the base to use it as a flashlight.

There are 3 different way to mount these. The magnet in the base works both ways, so you can affix it to any metal surface, but it also includes 3M sticky pads and pilot holes so you can mount them on screws or nails for a more permanent solution.

Each light uses a super-bright COB light panel that has 2 illumination modes: High-Beam and Low-Beam. These functions can be controlled from the units themselves, or with the included remote.

Remote can control the lights up to 15 feet away.

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Review 
Work well for the price

1 Stars
(2) Not a good light source! 
Remote was not reliable and light did not shine bright enough.

5 Stars
(3) Bright 
One of the two came but didn’t work and was sent another one that worked!! Great customer service. Didn’t even ask for another one yet was sent one cause of a review I posted. These folks are really great to deal with. Now I have a remote that turns both lights on. Really bright!!!

5 Stars
(4) Super 
I have many lights and flashlights , this rota ball light ranks at the top as my fav. Like them so much I made a second order.

5 Stars
(5) Excellent!!! 
Just what I needed they are perfect.

4 Stars
(6) Great little light 
Nice. Convenient. Not as bright as the one I purchased at HomeDepot but great for the price. I might get a few more

4 Stars
(7) Cool Little Lights 
Cool little light that you can put anywhere. Im using one in a closet and one in an outdoor shed. They would only be better if they gave off a bit more light. But, for the size they are terrific.

5 Stars
(8) Excellent Closet Lighting. 
Replaced a 20 watt florescent light. Provide brihger whiter light. Magnets make easy, relocatable lights that stay putn the wallboard where the corner steel is located. Remote control eliminates using the switch on each light - one push turns both on.

5 Stars
(9) Great lights 
I got these in case of hurricane blackouts. These are very bright little lights and do what they say. Very happy with my purchase.

5 Stars
(10) Nice light 
I like the option of magnets and portability . Handheld option is great, also brightness is nice , and the remote on/ off makes even better.

5 Stars
(11) Works 
This really does help your feet relax and feel better

4 Stars
(12) Very bright ie, light for stairways 
These lights are magnetically held in their base for unmounted use during a power failure. Each light has a integral on/off switch. Purchase two at a time, remotes, located one each, at the top and bottom of the stairs, the remotes control all four lights and are an appreciated safety for elders.

5 Stars
(13) Great portable light source 
Very convenient way to have light and not pay for electricity. And having the remote is handy.

4 Stars
(14) Very good 
Very versatile lights, diffused nice soft lighting. Excellent customer service.

5 Stars
(15) Rota-Ball 
Great product

4 Stars
(16) Batteries 
Love the product. I was especially happy that batteries were included. The first pack was fine. The other package of two had to replace the batteries right away because the light was very low on one of them and the other one started getting dim a few hours later.

3 Stars
(17) NA 
Worked for about 30 minutes, put in new batteries....lites work, remote quit.

5 Stars
(18) Love These Lights 
Brighter than I imagined they would be. Perfect for my kitchen area. Remote is a nice touch.

5 Stars
(19) great balls of light! 
Works great and I would buy it again...

5 Stars
(20) No more looking for a flashlight 
These are better then flashlights and you don`t have to look for them because they attract to anything metal. I put one on the refrigerator, one on the wash machine in the laundry room, one on the hot water heater in the garage and one on a lawn chair on the patio so I have a light handy wherever I need it.

5 Stars
(21) The Greatest Value Ever! 
This has to be one of the greatest values online. If you pass up this value, youre really losing out. I am ready to make another purchase. These lights attach themselves to metal walls and no need for nails or hooks on the wall. Fantastic idea. Get them now.

5 Stars
(22) Handy 
Works real well in those dark places where you just need more light like a storage closet.

5 Stars
(23) Very useful light 
This light can be quite useful in hard to reach and see places, especially with the remote. Priced right as well.

4 Stars
(24) Bright lights 
Better than expected for the price

5 Stars
(25) Great 
They work great .

4 Stars
(26) magnetic rota-ball 
very convenient and priced right but cant get the remote to work.

5 Stars
(27) Fantastic.....but, remote is tricky 
I have them hung on hooks over my stove. The lighting is fantastic, but trying to figure out how to work one remote amongst two different lights is challenging.

5 Stars
(28) Go to the light 
They work very very well. You will have to change the batteries soon after getting. Still good deal.

5 Stars
(29) so versatile 
These are great. They are so versatile that I had to buy more. I have these all over the house.

5 Stars
(30) Magnetic Rota-Ball light 
Fantastic item! Had to order more - can be so useful in so many different locations in the house.

3 Stars
(31) Magnetic Rota-Ball Light 2pk with Remote 
The batteries that already came with the lights were pretty much dead or very little light emitted from them. When I installed new ones Duracell the brightness capability was good. new batteries dont last long either. after a short period of use the new batteries are dying also. these lights are battery eaters.

5 Stars
(32) Good idea 
These lights are supremely handy. I like the fact that they can be easily mounted wherever theyre needed, removed from their mounts and used as very bright little flashlights, then returned to their mounts. And you get a 2-pk to boot. Great.

4 Stars
(33) Roto-ball light with remote 
I bought three sets of these and they work well enough. My problem was that the remote only worked on one. The others are good for the using when you turn on by hand.

3 Stars
(34) theyre ok 
I like the attractiveness of these little lights. The only thing I dont like is that they burn up batteries pretty fast.

5 Stars
(35) Great for outside use to light area that needs an ocassional lighting 
Excellent light for a walk way at night!

5 Stars
(36) I like it, Hubby LOVES it! 
Great little lamps with a lot of power. Makes a great light for the headboard. Hubby has two of these mounted at his work bench in the garage. Would suggest these for a myriad of applications.

5 Stars
(37) Roto Ball Lights 
We purchased these as gifts and two sets for us. One set is to be used in a closet used for files with no light. The lights Wouk great for it.

5 Stars
(38) Excellent Product 
Really bright light and very useful, I highly recommend

5 Stars
(39) Mega bright 
I bought these magnetic Rota-ball 2pk thinking that they really wouldn’t be as bright as it said we’ll to my surprise it was Mega Bright I put one in my closet and one in my shed. These are pretty cool I may need to get a few more as gifts.

4 Stars
(40) Works OK, BUT... 
The lights work well, but the adhesive on the holder isnt strong enough to hold its weight. The entire light and holder keep falling off.

5 Stars
(41) Useful and handy 
When the lights go out you can still see

4 Stars
(42) Just this one thing 
Like that it is bright and can be removed. Tape is pretty strong but I would suggest using a command hook a thin one or a nail. Only drawback is that the light falls easily from the base so be careful sit won’t fall on your foot.

5 Stars
(43) let there be light 
I love these lights. I even take one with me when I let my dogs run at night to go to the bathroom. Indeed a wonderful produce and the value is just great!!

5 Stars
(44) Just what I needed 
Just what I needed in the kitchen - I have an area where I have my coffee maker between the pantry cabinets and refrigerator and it is dark. These lights were just the right thing I needed, and they work great.

5 Stars
(45) Light up those dark corners 
I don’t see too well in dark spaces. These lights are great for closets, pantry’s, & even in those shelves in storage areas. Very handy for me to find my items in “ dim” locations.

4 Stars
(46) So far, so good 
So far, I like the convenience and the remote control and the soft light when I get up at night. It remains to be seen how often I have to change batteries, but functionally, they are very nice

5 Stars
(47) Great 
Very happy with the product. Works just as advertised.!!!!

5 Stars
(48) Versatile Little Lights! 
I ordered six of these and love them. Because of the magnetic mount, I have two in my shower, two above the kitchen sink, and two in my gun safe and they work in all those environments. The remote is like having your own light switch for them! To maintain maximum brightness, youll probably want to keep some batteries on hand or go with recharging batteries, but these are a great value and are very bright.

Review this item!

Features and Benefits
  • Magnetic base allows lights to freely pivot in any direction
  • 3 Mounting Options: Magnetic Base, 3M Pads (included) or pilot hole for screws
  • Remove the ball lights from the base to use as a flashlight
  • Pack includes 2 Magnetic Rota-Ball Lights
  • Super-Bright COB Light Panel Technology
  • 2 Illumination Modes: High-Beam and Low-Beam
  • Each one is up to 220 lumens of light
  • Includes Remote Control
  • Each light runs on 3 AAA batteries (included)
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