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Pac N Stack Vacuum Air-Tight Storage Bags with Cordless Pump

Pack and store your clothing, household linens and more with these Pac N Stack Storage Bags.

Pack and store your clothing, household linens and more with these Pac N Stack Storage Bags. It not only protects your valuable items, but it takes up a fraction of the normal storage space!

These storage bags use a cordless, battery-powered vacuum pump which is super easy to use and fun! Just place your items in the bag, attach the pump, press the button and the bag will shrink right before your eyes! Unlike those hand rolling vacuum storage bags, anyone with arthritis or limited mobility can do this easily. Plus it beats lugging out the vacuum cleaner every time you want to pack your things away.

They were designed to shrink and compress your clothes so you can pack more in your travel bag or suitcase. The pump itself is super tiny so you can seal and save space on the way back home too - no need to fold! Maximize closet spaces, attics, under the bed, or couches: they're perfect for bedding, towels, seasonal clothes, and even camping gear.

Each bag is water-proof and will protect your items from mildew, dust, insects and more. They're made out of heavy duty plastic and you can use them over and over again!

With this deal you'll receive 2 large bags, 2 medium bags, the high-powered air pump, and 4 zip clips which secures the bags shut.

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5 Stars
(1) Works 
easy to use and works. Well once I watched the video it was easy to use.

1 Stars
(2) Does not work 
New batteries were dead after one attempt. It hardly compressed enough to make a difference. FAILER

5 Stars
(3) pac n stack 
good product reliable delivery

1 Stars
(4) Piece Of Junk 
Tried to use this ten different ways . Could not even get two shirts shrink down .Got better results squeeze the air out by Hand.

5 Stars
(5) Great value 
Ive seen these for twice the price. Now I can try this for myself and send one to my baby sister, because she had problems with the other vacuum bags. I hope this works for seasonal storage. Ill let you know later. My vacuum has not hose, so I needed this kind, with its own vacuum.

Review this item!

Features and Benefits
  • 4 Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Storage Bags
  • Water, Bacteria, and Mildew-Resistant
  • Perfect For Clothing, Linens and More!
  • Saves Space and Organizes
  • Cordless, Compact & Easy To Use Vacuum Pump
  • Ideal For Storing Items and Travel
  • Reusable and Great For Packing
  • Reduces Volume Up To 50%
  • Includes Powerful Vacuum Pump (3 AAA batteries, Not Included)
  • Includes 4 White Zip Clips
  • 2 Large: 17.5" X 27.5"
  • 2 Medium: 19.5" X 23.5"
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